Twice weekly deliveries!

R&D, product development!

Major scale/volume capabilities!

Best performing poultry products!

Raw, further processed, and fully cooked!

Fixed long-term low price contract options! 

"The best proteins in the world 
should also be affordably
priced so every family
​can afford to eat healthy".

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Afb Farms Sustainably Raised Antibiotic-free Chicken

To play an important role in leading the protein industry forward, away from the use of antibiotics in animal production and toward sustainably and affordably modeled growing and processing solutions. 

ABF Farms originates, processes, and distributes high-efficacy Chef-preferred poultry & beef products, grown by contracted farming partners who share a vision of sustainability, access to market, and broad affordability.

We deliver fixed-price flexible term contracting, R&D, and product development solutions for emerging brands, GPO's, independent health care agencies, NGO's, schools, industrial and further processors, as well as broad-line and specialty distribution partners. All of our products are food-service packed, as we do not maintain direct retail sales programs, which helps keep our costs down, and prices low.

All of our farm partners are approved USDA compliant and third-party audited for animal welfare practices. 


"Never-Ever" poultry occupies the bulk of our meat block and remains our primary marketing focus, due in large part to consumers' desire for a "Next Step" affordable protein solution. Our Organic, Non-GMO, Pastured, and GAP certified products make up a growing  secondary line of products. We originate raw material at the farm level, then process and deliver into food-service distribution. We are customer-centric, specializing in supporting food-service customers in the hospitality and health care industries, as well as national & regional accounts and emerging brands, including GPO's through integrated supply chain and logistics partnerships.

Our leadership team has over 100 years combined agricultural product development experience, including lean manufacturing, industrial line and process engineering, technical and industrial tooling design and fabrication, business development and procurement compliance. We challenged ourselves to solve an historical dilemma; how to architect and affordability model into high efficacy poultry products. The answer is efficiencies. We maximize product mix ratios and minimize production wastes, bringing up yields and driving costs down, passing these benefits on to our customer in the form of the greatest quality products with long-term fixed prices.